Training / Tutoring


JTB Recording Studio provides a comfortable yet professional space for those who are looking to learn, expand or elevate their music production & audio engineering abilities. A one-on-one teaching and tutoring method of hands-on classes and sessions are available for:

  • Audio/Music Production
  • Audio/Recording Engineering
  • Mixing & Mastering
  • And much more

Students learn and work directly with our in-house engineer David “iNine” Iskandaryan. To learn more about David and his credentials, click here.


Automation Auto Tune Busses (Routing)
Compression Drum Sequencing Delay
Equalizing (EQing) FL Studio Flanger
Gates Limiting Pitch Correction
Phase Correction Plugins Routing
Reverb Phaser Pro Tools
Quantizing ReWiring Reason
Recording Sampling Synthesizers
Stereo Imaging Steps and Notes VST’s


Rates start at $50/hr. To learn more about our Rates & Policies, click here.

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