In order to achieve professional and/or radio-quality audio; recorded tracks, instrumentals and vocals need to go through a mixing and mastering process. Here, all the layers of a song and/or track are fine tuned to meet industry standards. The goal of mastering a track is to get the best quality out of the recording and get it ready to be released as a product to markets, fans and digital platforms. A mastered track will allow the highest quality of copies to be distributed, pressed, duplicated and replicated.


JTB’s in-house professional producer and engineer David “iNine” Iskandaryan has mastered over a 1,000 radio and consumer ready tracks in his career with remarkably high satisfaction rates. To learn more about David or experience some of his mastered tracks, click here.


Rates start at $40/per track. To learn more about our Rates & Policies, click here.

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