Most if not all recordings today, are a combination of multiple sounds, instruments, vocals, effects, etc. At its core, each sound is compressed into its own individual layer. Professional audio mixing combines these individual layers into one or more channels. A skilled audio engineer then adjusts volume levels and frequencies. Adds or removes white noises, echoes, dynamics, etc. And finally manipulates and/or enhances audio components to bring the best sound quality or a specific element to surface. Since each client might require an individualized production of their audio product, mixing is a very client oriented procedure.


JTB Recording Studio’s in-house producer & engineer David “iNine” Iskandaryan has a knack for mixing down audio to the specifications of the client while maintaining superb and professional results. To learn more about David or experience some of his prior mixes, click here.


Rates start at $45/per track. To learn more about our Rates & Policies, click here..

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