JTB Recording Studio offers high quality podcast recording, podcast editing and podcast audio mixing/mastering services. Podcast recordings are done in Pro Tools with professional industry SM7B microphones. Editing, mixing and mastering the podcast audio includes equalization, compression, volume level normalization, fade in’s & outs, and more. Currently, our podcast recording set-up can accommodate up to (2) simultaneous podcasters/people.


All podcast recordings, podcast editing, podcast audio mixing and mastering is done by our in-house senior audio engineer David “iNine” Iskandaryan. David has over 12 years of experience in the audio industry and has recorded, edited, mixed & mastered numerous podcasts for professional and commercial distribution. To learn more about David or to hear some of his podcasts, click here.


Rates start at $50/hr. To learn more about our Rates & Policies, click here.

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